2004 Fleetwood Utah Pop Up Camper Roof Kayak Racks - suggestions for kayak roof racks on a 2004 Fleetwood Utah camper that already has Yakima Tracks on the rooftop

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Posted: 3/19/2011

Question: My 2004 Fleetwood Utah pop up camper already has Yakima Tracks on the rooftop. I need to mount a kayak roof rack system to the Yakima Tracks to carry two kayaks. What do you recommend?

Answer: You will first mount the Yakima Control Towers roof rack system (choose the LP1 #1 Landing Pads and the 86” cross bars) to the Yakima tracks that are already on the camper top. You can then mount any kayak carriers to the roof rack bars. Virtually all kayak racks universal mounting and will mount directly to the Yakima cross bars. Your personal preferences will be the primary factor in determining which kayak carriers are best for your needs. The 86 inch extra long Yakima cross bars are specifically made for use on camper roof tops. This extra long length is required for adaquately spanning across the camper from one side to the other. They also provide plenty of room for attaching two sets of any kayak racks, and you will have space left on the crossbars for attaching other gear carriers such as bike racks, additional kayak racks etc.

In general, for transporting kayaks on a pop up camper you have two types of kayak rack options: 1) kayak saddles - carry the kayak laying flat / 2) kayak j-cradles - transport the kayak cradled on its side (great for when you need to carry multiple kayaks because the j-cradles use up less crossbar space than the kayak saddles style).

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