2004 Volvo V40 Bike Racks for Trunk and Roof - how to select trunk bike racks and bike roof racks for 2004 Volvo V40

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Posted: 6/14/2011

Question: I want to carry a couple bicycles on my 2004 Volvo V40 and looking at both trunk mount bike rack and roof bike rack options. The 04 Volvo V40 currently has a bare roof top. Any recommendations you can provide me with would be great. Thanks.

Answer: As of this writing (6/14/2011) we highly recommend the following options for 2004 Volvo V40 bike roof racks and 2004 Volvo V40 trunk bike racks...

You'll need to first install a multi-purpose base rack system on the 2004 Volvo V40 car top. With the general purpose roof rack in place, you can then attach the bike carriers to the crossbars. For your vehicle we highly recommend the Thule 480 Traverse roof rack system (includes a set of four Thule 480 Traverse Feet, set of 1033 Traverse Fit Kit clips and a pair of 50 inch load bars with end caps). Additionally, you have the option to also use the Thule 480R Rapid Traverse roof rack system (includes a Thule 480R Rapid Traverse Foot Pack, a set of the same 1033 Traverse Fit Kit clips and a pair of RB47 47" Rapid Aero load bars with end caps). This system works exactly the same way as the regular 480 Traverse roof rack system except that you will be using the premium Thule Rapid Aero load bars instead of the classic square load bars included with the regular 480 Traverse roof rack system. Both systems are very easy to install and include detailed instructions. Helpful videos also included on each product page on our website. Inno Racks does not offer a compatible system for this vehicle, and the Yakima Racks option does not work as well on your specific 2004 Volvo V40 model.

You can then connect any roof bike carriers to the base rack system load bars. Virtually all bike racks are universal mounting, allowing you to choose the model that you like best, independent of whether it is the same manufacturer as the base rack system. In general, you have two basic roof mount bike rack categories to choose from: 1) upright mount bike racks, where you leave the bike wheels on and load the entire bike onto the rack / 2) fork mount bike racks, where you take the front wheel off and mount the bike fork to the bike rack fork mount block & quick-release skewer.

Please note that if you are using the Thule 480 Rapid Traverse roof rack system, some Thule bike carriers require the use of a Thule Xadapt Kit to mount the carrier to the Rapid Aero load bars. Each Thule bike rack product page specifies if a Thule Xadapt Kit is required or not with the bike rack. However, all roof mount bike carriers will mount directly to the square load bars included with the regular Thule 480 Traverse roof rack.

A rear trunk mount rack is also a superb choice for easily loading and transporting your bikes. Very easy to remove and store away when not needed as well. Within the rear hatch door / trunk mount category, you will want to consider exactly how important convenience is in installing the trunk bike rack and also loading and unloading the bicycles on the carrier. From Thule Racks we highly recommend the Thule RaceWay and Thule ArchWay series of trunk racks as superb options. Likewise, from Yakima Racks the Yakima QuickBack and Yakima King Joe Pro series trunk bike racks are also very popular options. All include locks and also includes premium cradles and no-sway cages to simultaneously make it easy to load each bicycle and also ensure the bikes do not swing into each other or contact the rear of the vehicle during transport.

If design styling is a primary factor for you, then you will want to seriously consider the Saris Bones trunk bikes. Also features premium cradles, no sway cages and super-easy mounting to your vehicle.

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