2005 Chevy Avalanche Cab Roof Rack Cargo Basket using Yakima Q Towers, Q109 Clips & MegaWarrior

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2005 Chevy Avalanche roof rack cargo basket system - Yakima Q Towers base rack system (includes set of four Yakima Q Towers, two pairs of Yakima Q109 Clips and pair of 58 inch crossbars which are the recommended length for the 05 Chevy Avalanche cab roof) / 8007080 Yakima MegaWarrior gear basket (attaches directly to the Q Tower base rack cross bars) / 8007064 Yakima Locking Brackets (locks basket to the crossbars) / 4-pack of Yakima locks & keys to lock the Q Towers to the cab rooftop.

All systems and components listed below...

D.R. also included this nice picture of his roof mount cargo-luggage basket system on top of his 2005 Cherolet Avalanche cab rooftop.

2005 chevrolet avalanche roof basket rack - yakama q109 clips q towers mega warrior
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