2006 Subaru Outback Bike Roof Rack using Thule 450 CrossRoad & 518 Echelon Bike Racks

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2006 Subaru Outback bike roof rack system for factory side rails - Thule 450 CrossRoad car rack (includes Thule 450 Crossroad Foot Pack and pair of 65 inch cross bars, chosen by B.G. to allow enough room for 5 bike racks and possibility of more; mounts to the 2006 Subaru Outback wagon factory side rails) / Thule 518 Echelon for mount bike racks.

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B.G. explains "Pictures of my dream car with my dream rack setup. One of the photos is on top of Berthoud Pass, Colorado. I'm at home in Colorado for the summer, but normally live in Hanover, New Hampshire. Easily carries 5 bikes without issue. Rock solid and looks awesome."

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