2007 Chrysler Pacifica Luggage Roof Rack - how to select roof rack cross bars and cargo carriers for 2007 Chrysler Pacifica flush side rails

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Posted: 6/3/2011

Question: I want to carry cargo stuff like luggage and camping equipment (tent, sleeping bags, stove, chairs etc.) on my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica car rooftop. There are only factory side rails that are flush with the roof right now. No idea what will work with this configuration. Any recommendations?

Answer: You will first need to install a multi-purpose base rack system on your 2007 Chrysler Pacifica flush side rails. Your vehicle has what are known as flush side rails, instead of the raised side rails (where there is space between the side rails and the roof top). Instead, your rails are flush with the rooftop without any space between the roof and the side rails. Thule Racks has gone through extensive efforts to design and engineer rack fits for vehicles with flush side rails. We highly recommend the Thule 430 Tracker II roof rack system (includes a Thule 430 Tracker II Foot Pack, set of TK11 Tracker Kits and a pair of 50 inch load bars with end caps). This is a superb system specifically designed to mount to your flush side rails. Simple installation (easy to follow instructions included), each of the four Thule TK11 Tracker Kits attaches to each of the four Thule 430 Tracker II Feet and the assembly clamps right onto the flush side rails. You now have a rock solid multi-purpose base rack foundation with cross bars to attach any gear carriers to.

Additionally, you have the option to also use the Thule 430R Rapid Tracker II roof rack system (includes a Thule 430R Rapid Foot Pack, set of TK11 Tracker Kits and a pair of RB53 53" Rapid Aero load bars with end caps). This system works exactly the same way as the regular 430 Tracker II roof rack system except that you will be using the premium Thule Rapid Aero load bars instead of the classic square load bars included with the regular 430 Tracker II roof rack system. You will use the same Thule TK11 Tracker Kits with the Thule 430 Tracker II Foot Pack. The Thule RB53 53" Rapid Aero load bars are the required length for your vehicle.

With either of the base rack systems listed above installed as a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica roof rack crossbars system, you can then connect any cargo-luggage carriers to the cross bars. Virtually all cargo carriers are universal mounting, allowing you to choose the model that you like best, independent of whether it is the same manufacturer as the base rack system. In general, you have three basic roof mount cargo carrier categories to choose from: 1) cargo boxes, hardshell plastic protects and keeps gear dry; locks included / 2) roof baskets, versatile uses for carrying all kinds of items, accessories available for securing gear and protecting from rain etc. / 3) cargo-luggage roof bags, easy to install and remove, protective from rain and other elements etc.

For your needs, camping equipment, luggage etc., really good options are compact cargo boxes such as the Thule 686XT Atlantis 1600, Thule 604 Ascent 1600, Yakima SkyBox Pro 16 and Yakima SkyBox 16 roof boxes. Also a roof basket will do the trick nicely too. The Yakima MegaWarrior and Thule 690XT MOAB roof baskets are great choices and also offer various accessories to work with the gear baskets.

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