2007 Ford Ranger Camper Shell Canoe Roof Rack - how to select roof rack cross bars and canoe racks for a fiberglass truck shell on 07 Ford Ranger extended cab pickup truck

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Posted: 6/13/2011

Question: I have a 2007 Ford Ranger extended cab short bed model with a fiberglass camper shell that is level with the top of the cab roof. I want to carry a 10.5 foot canoe, weighs about 80 lbs. The truck shell is rated for up to 300 lbs on top. Due to the curve of the canoe gunnel. What do you suggest as the best camper shell roof canoe rack configuration for my needs?

Answer: We highly recommend permanently installing the Yakima Bolt Top Loader brackets to your camper shell. You can then connect the Yakima 1A Towers roof rack system to the brackets. This will give you the clearance you need for the canoe gunnels. If you still feel you will need even more clearance you can also optionally use the Yakima 1A Hi-Rise Towers roof rack system. Yakima 1A Towers system provides 7-1/4" of clearance, while the 1a Hi-Rise Towers system provides 10-3/4" of clearance. Finally, you can then connect the Yakima Gunwale Brackets to the base rack cross bars for loading and securing into place your boat for transport.

Yakima Bolt Top Loader brackets & Yakima 1A Towers roof rack example customer install.

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