2007 Subaru Legacy Sedan Roof Rack Cargo Box using Thule 400XT Aero, 2155 Fit Kit, 871XT & 602 Ascent 1100 Ski Box

2007 Subaru Legacy sedan roof rack cargo-ski box - Thule 400XT Aero car rack system (includes set of Thule 400XT Aero Feet, set of Thule 2155 Fit Kit clips and pair of LB50 50 inch load bars which are the recommended length for the 2007 Subaru Legacy sedan rooftop) PLEASE NOTE: The Thule 400XT Aero system is now replaced by the Thule 480 Traverse roof rack, which we highly recommend as a multi-purpose base rack system for the 2007 Subaru Legacy (includes set of 480 Traverse Feet, 1340 Traverse Fit Kit clips and pair of 50" load bars) / Thule 871XT wind deflector-fairing / Thule 602 Ascent 1100 luggage-ski box (includes Thule locks to lock the roof box) / 4 pack of Thule locks & keys to lock 400XT Aero roofrack to the vehicle.

All systems and components listed below...

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