2008 Ford Taurus Roof Rack - options for multi-purpose base rack cross bars systems on a 2008 Ford Taurus (nothing on cartop currently)

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Posted: 3/2/2011

Question: I'm wondering what you recommend for a roof rack on the 2008 Ford Taurus? It doesn't have a factory rack or side rails or anything on the rooftop right now. I want to then attach gear carriers to the car rack crossbars.

Answer: As of this writing (3/2/2011), we highly recommend the following configurations for a 2008 Ford Taurus roof rack cross rails system...

You'll need to first install a multi-purpose base rack system on the 2008 Ford Taurus roof top. With the general purpose car rack in place, you can then attach any gear carriers to the base rack cross bars for transporting your sporting equipment. From Thule Racks you can use the Thule 480 Traverse roof rack system (includes a set of four Thule 480 Traverse Feet, set of 1533 Fit Kit clips and a pair of 58” load bars with end caps). Likewise, Inno Racks offers the INSU roof rack base system (includes four Inno INSU Stays, set of Inno K545 Hooks and a pair of 58” cross bars with end caps; locks are also included with this system). Yakima Racks does not have a compatible roof rack system that works as a 2008 Ford Taurus roof rack.

With the base rack system installed as a 2008 Ford Taurus roof rack, you can then connect any gear carriers to the cross bars. Most gear carriers are universal mounting, allowing you to choose the model that you like best, independent of whether it is the same manufacturer as the base rack system. Each product page will specify what base rack system cross bars the gear carrier is compatible with.

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