2009 Forest River Rockwood Premier Tent Trailer - Pop Up Camper Roof Rack - options for base rack cross bars systems on 2009 Forest River Rockwood Premier PopUp Camper Tent Trailer rooftop

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Posted: 9/12/2011

Question: We'd like to carry various equipment, such as kayaks, canoe, bikes, stand up paddleboards etc, on our 2009 Forest River Rockwood Premier tent trailer / pop-up camper rooftop. Looking for recommendations for the best options. Wondering if a roof rack attached to tracks is something we should consider?

Answer: As of this writing (9/12/2011), you have a couple of great choices from Thule Racks and Yakima Racks for 2009 Forest River Rockwood Premier tent trailer / pop-up camper roof racks. And yes using a roof rack crossbars system that attaches to roof tracks is an ideal set up. Additionally, the roof rack optionally removes from the tracks when you don't need it. With the general purpose pop up camper roof rack in place, you can then attach any gear carriers, such as canoe carriers and kayak carriers, stand-up paddleboard racks and bike racks to the base rack cross bars for transporting your gear and equipment.

You will first install either the Yakima 60” roof tracks or Thule 60” roof tracks on your 2009 Forest River Rockwood Premier pop-up camper rooftop. Then, if using the Yakima tracks you will mount the Yakima Control Towers roof rack system (choose the Yakima LP1 #1 Landing Pads and the 86” cross bars) to the Yakima tracks. Likewise, if using the Thule tracks you will mount the Thule 460 Podium roof rack system (choose the 3101 Podium Fit Kit and the 96” load bars) to the Thule tracks. These systems include easy to follow install instructions, ensuring every step of the installation process is performed correctly. Also, both the Yakima and Thule 60” tracks can be easily cut to any shorter length to fit your needs.

Please note that many pop-up campers already have roof tracks installed on the rooftop. If this were the case with your '09 Forest River Rockwood Premier tent trailer - pop up camper, then you'd simply skip ordering the roof tracks and simply order only the Thule 460 Podium roof rack system or Yakima Control Towers roof rack system. Both systems are universally compatible with any style of roof tracks, regardless of manufacturer. In fact, The Thule system will work on the Yakima tracks and vice versa.

With either of the base roof rack and tracks systems listed above installed as a Forest River Rockwood Premier pop up camper - tent trailer rack, you can then connect any gear carriers to the cross bars. Virtually all gear carriers are universal mounting, allowing you to choose the model that you like best, independent of whether it is the same manufacturer as the base roof rack crossbars system. Each product page will specify what base rack system cross bars the gear carrier is compatible with.

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