2009 Honda CR-V Factory Rack Mount Surfboard Racks to Carry 2 Surfboards - options for factory rack crossbars compatible surfboard carriers on 2009 Honda CRV

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Posted: 9/12/2011

Question: I want to carry 2 surfboards on my 2009 Honda CR-V factory rack crossbars. What do you recommend for 2009 Honda CRV surfboard racks that fit the factory cross bars? Thanks.

Answer: There are two basic categories of factory rack compatible surfboard racks, those with locking features and those that are non-locking. The premium locking category has really advanced recently with incredible features that make loading surfboards super easy, transport the surf boards very snugly and securely, and of course offer superb anti-theft components. As of this writing (9/12/2011), in this locking surfboard racks category, from Thule Racks we highly recommend the Thule 809 Double-Decker locking surfboards rack, from Inno Racks there is the Inno INA744 BoardLocker and from Yakima Racks you have the Yakima Wave Hog. If locking security is not an important feature for then we suggest the Thule 554XT Hang-Two. All these surfboard racks mount directly to your 2009 Honda CR-V factory roof rack cross bars and will carry multiple surfboards, both long boards and short boards. Easy to follow install instructions included with each product. Helpful videos also featured on each product page.

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