2009 Jeep Compass Roof Kayak Rack for 2 Kayaks using Malone Stax Pro Upright Kayak Rack

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2009 Jeep Compass factory rack mount kayak rack for 2 kayaks - MPG111MD Malone Stax Pro upright kayak rack (mounts directly to the 2009 Jeep Compass factory-OEM roof rack crossbars) / MPG167 Blocks Kit with Straps (used with the second kayak, the Malone Stax Pro includes one set of the Blocks Kit with Straps for 1 kayak).

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M.M. says "We installed within 30 minutes after delivery, our Malone Stax Pro vertical fold-down kayak carrier. We carry 2 Emotion Glide kayaks, 9.5'. We are so pleased with the snug fit and absolutely think this system of transport is exactly what we were looking for. A great deal and an even greater transport system."

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