2010 Ford F150 Truck Canoe Racks - how to select pickup truck racks to carry 2 canoes on a 2010 Ford F-150 quad cab pick-up truck

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Posted: 6/14/2011

Question: I would like to carry two canoes on my 2010 Ford F150 Quad Cab pickup truck with a 6'5' box and will also be towing a camping trailer behind the truck. Any recommendations you can suggest for me?

Answer: As of this writing (6/14/2011), we highly recommend the following 2010 Ford F-150 pickup truck canoe rack configuration for hauling 2 canoes and not affecting the rear tow camping trailer...

A combination cab roof and truck bed system is a superb set up for your needs. For the cab rooftop you will want to go with the Yakima Q Towers Half Pack roof rack system. Includes two Q Towers, two Q122 clips and a single cross bar (for carrying two canoes side by side you will need at least the 66" or 78" length cross bars depending on what the total width of the two canoes side by side). The Yakima Q Towers Half Pack roof rack mounts to the cab roof using the pair of Yakima Q122 clips.

For your truckbed you will then select the Yakima Outdoorsman 300 full-size truck rack half pack system (select one pair of Outdoorsman 300 Towers and a single cross bar, and again for carrying two canoes side by side you will need at least the 66" or 78" length cross bars, slect the same length as you are using on the cab rooftop).

Finally, we then highly recommend using the Yakima Gunwale Brackets canoe rack, use two sets for carrying two canoes. They attach directly to the cross bars.

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