2010 Volkswagen Golf Hitch Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - options for hitch mount bike racks to carry 4 bicycles on 2010 VW Golf 2 inch trailer hitch

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Posted: 7/18/2011

Question: I'm looking for a hitch mount bike rack solution to carry 4 bikes on my 2010 Volkswagen Golf 2 inch trailer hitch. Any help with what VW Golf hitch bike rack models to choose from would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Both Thule and Yakima make a range of hitch bike racks for a 2" trailer hitch on your 2010 Volkswagen Golf. The first style are upright hitch bike rack (otherwise known as ‘hang & dangle’ style hitch bike racks that have an upright mast and bike arms that extend out at the top, allowing you to hang the bikes on the cradles located on the arms). The Yakima SwingDaddy and Thule 964 Revolver are by far the best options in this category. Each handles four bikes with ease and offers convenient swing away access to the rear of the vehicle, even with bikes attached. The Yakima DoubleDown and 914XT RoadWay are also excellent choices with more economical pricing yet still include a host of features for ease of installing and bike loading.

The second category is platform bike tray style hitch bike racks. Offers most convenience for quick loading and unloading of bicycles. The Yakima Hold Up and Thule 916XTR T2 are your options in this category. Note that you will need to use a 2 Bike Add-On accessory with each of these options to allow you to carry a total of 4 bikes.

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