2011 Toyota Prius Trunk Bike Rack Systems - options for rear hatch-trunk mount bike racks on 2011 Toyota Prius

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Posted: 7/15/2011

Question: I am looking for suggestions for a rear hatch / trunk mounted bike rack to carry adult and kid bikes. The Toyota Prius roof rack is taken up with a roof bag and carrying a large tent for camping, so would like to carry bicycles on the rear hatch door.

Answer: A rear trunk mount rack is a superb choice for easily loading and transporting your bikes, including both kids bikes and adult bikes, on the 2011 Toyota Prius. Very easy to remove and store away when not needed as well. Within the rear hatch door / trunk mount category, you will want to consider exactly how important convenience is in installing the trunk bike rack and also loading and unloading the bicycles on the carrier. For your vehicle we highly recommend the Thule RaceWay and Thule ArchWay series of trunk racks. All include locks and also includes premium cradles and no-sway cages to simultaneously make it easy to load each bicycle and also ensure the bikes do not swing into each other or contact the rear of the vehicle during transport. The Thule GateWay series is a great choice if you are not concerned about locking security. The GateWay trunk bike racks are the same as the ArchWay except do not include the locking components.

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