2012 Kia Soul Roof Rack for Bikes, Kayaks, Canoe, SUP, Skis etc. - options for multi-purpose base car rack crossbars systems for 2012 Kia Soul (totally bare rooftop currently)

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Posted: 9/12/2011

Question: I'll be carrying a variety of sports equipment on my 2012 Kia Soul rooftop (bikes, skis and snowboards, kayaks, canoe, stand-up paddleboards etc., not all at the same time!) I'm looking for help with selecting a 2012 Kia Soul roof rack cross bars system that I can then attach the various gear carriers to. The Kia Soul cartop is currently totally bare naked, no side rails or factory rack or anything. Thanks!

Answer: You are correct that you will need to first install a multi-purpose base rack system on the 2012 Kia Soul car rooftop. This will provide the foundation and crossbars for then attaching the various gear carriers to carry your bikes, skis and snow boards, kayaks, canoe, SUPs etc. As of this writing (9/12/2011), we highly recommend the the Thule 480 Traverse roof rack system (includes a set of four Thule 480 Traverse Feet, set of 1524 Traverse Fit Kit clips and a pair of 50 inch load bars with end caps). You also have the option to select longer cross bars than the normally recommended 50 inch length. Longer crossbars will provide more space for attaching multiple gear carriers when transporting a lot of gear and equipment. Additionally, you have the option to also use the Thule 480R Rapid Traverse roof rack system (includes a Thule 480R Rapid Traverse Foot Pack, a set of the same 1524 Traverse Fit Kit clips and a pair of RB53 53" Rapid Aero load bars with end caps). This system works exactly the same way as the regular 480 Traverse roof rack system except that you will be using the premium Thule Rapid Aero load bars instead of the classic square load bars included with the regular 480 Traverse roof rack system. Easy installation instructions included with each system. Helpful videos also included on each product page.

With either of the base rack systems listed above installed as a 2012 Kia Soul car rack, you can then connect any gear carriers to the cross bars. Virtually all gear carriers are universal mounting, allowing you to choose the model that you like best, independent of whether it is the same manufacturer as the base rack system. Each product page will specify what base rack system cross bars the gear carrier is compatible with.

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