Thule Chariot Conversion Kits to
Stroll, Jog, Bike, Ski, & Hike

The core component of Thule’s versatile Active With Kids child transporter line, adaptable Thule Conversion Kits transform Thule Chariot basic chassis into all-in-one kid carriers. Available for multiple sports, Thule Conversion Kits are secure, comfortable, and easy to install, and can even be stored on board the carrier to change activities on the fly. Choose from Thule adapters for strolling, Thule kits for jogging, Thule trailers for biking, Thule pull-behinds for hiking, and Thule pulks for cross-country skiing.
» Chariot Carriers Comparison and Specifications Charts
*compares features / specifications of all Chariot Carriers (pdf file)

» Chariot Accessories Compatibility Chart
*details compatibility of accessories with Chariot Carriers (pdf file)

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