Thule Tow-Behind Child Bicycle Trailers

Your hill climbs just got harder, but staying active with your family is suddenly a whole lot easier. Ride your bike and have fun outside with your little ones at the same time thanks to Thule towable kid trailers! Safe, comfortable, and lightweight, Thule bike trailers feature easy-install hardware that attaches securely to your bike, a quick-folding design that stows readily in a trunk or garage, and onboard storage space for carting around snacks, toys, and other essentials. There’s even a model with adaptable stroller wheels for when you want to explore on foot.
» Chariot Carriers Comparison and Specifications Charts
*compares features / specifications of all Chariot Carriers (pdf file)

» Chariot Accessories Compatibility Chart
*details compatibility of accessories with Chariot Carriers (pdf file)

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