2007 Honda CR-V Roof Rack for 2 Kayaks

2007 Honda CR-V Roof Rack for 2 Kayaks

vehicle year / make / model: 2007 Honda CR-V

Question: I am very new at this and interested in installing a 2007 Honda CRV car rack for carrying 2 kayaks. There is no factory roof rack on the Honda CRV currently however. Should I have bought a CRV that had a factory rack pre-installed or can I use another kayak rack system on this car?

Answer: You can absolutely use an after-market roof rack system on your 2007 Honda CR-V. In fact this roof rack wil be much stronger and durable than the factory rack option anyway. First things first, no matter what gear you plan to carry on your roof, you will need a multi-purpose roof rack base system. You will attach the kayak carriers to the front and rear cross bars. The Yakima Control Tower Complete Roof Rack Base System is engineered to fit your 2007 Honda CR-V perfectly and is very quick to install. Using the set of four Yakima LP10 Landing Pads (necessary for your 2007 Honda CRV and included with Control Towers system), the Control Tower multi-purpose base rack system connects directly to the four fixpoint attachment points in your roof that Honda has made to allow this rack system to install effortlessly and securely. Includes four Yakima Control Towers, four Yakima LP10 Landing Pads and a pair of cross bars. Easy to follow instructions make the installation literally a snap. The Yakima 48 inch cross bars are the recommended crossbars length for your vehicle's roof top and will work well if you choose the j-cradle style kayak carriers (j-cradle style kayak racks transport a kayak in a semi-upright position on the kayak's side). However if you plan to carry two kayaks flat and side by side you will need to choose the 58 inch length crossbars.

You can then attach any Yakima Racks kayak carriers to the Control Towers system cross bars. By far the most popular option is the Yakima BowDown j-cradle kayak rack. This is a universal kayak rack that carries your kayak using a j-cradle design, which also makes it very easy to load/unload a kayak. Compatible with all styles of kayaks. A very nice innovative feature of the Yakima BowDown is the ability to quickly fold the upright cradles down flat when not in use so there are no possible overhead clearance issues when pulling into garages or low-overhang entrances. Also much more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. The Yakima HullRaiser kayak rack is very similar to the Yakima BowDown and is a j-cradle style carrier working the the same way as the BowDown excelt that it doesn't offer the option to fold down flat when not in use.

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