Coleman Camper Roof Rack and Fleetwood Pop Up Camper Rack

Coleman Camper Roof Rack and Fleetwood Pop Up Camper Rack

vehicle year / make / model: fleetwood popup camper / coleman pop up camper

Question: Hello. I'm currently looking at buying a popup camper from either Coleman Campers or Fleetwood Campers. My question is what I would need to use for a Coleman camper roof rack or Fleetwood pop up camper roof rack? They have roof tracks on them and they look to be about 76" to 78" apart from each other. It looks like the longest crossbars from Yakima Racks aand Thule Racks will not work as crossbars for pop up camper racks?

Answer: Excellent question. You are correct about needing very long cross bars if you want to install a Fleetwood camper roof rack or Coleman popup camper rack. Luckily, Thule Racks makes a special very long load bar specifically for camper rack use. It is the Thule LB96 and it's 96" long. You will use this as part of the Thule 430 Tracker II roof rack system. You'll also need to select the Thule TK1 Tracker Kit option as these TK Tracker Kits work with the Fleetwood roof tracks and Coleman roof tracks. If interested in using the Yakima Control Towers roof rack system instead, be aware that as of this writing (August 8, 2009) Yakima currently does not have a crossbar long enough, but they plan to introduce Yakima 88 inch length bars beginning January 2010. These extra long bars will work great for Fleetwood camper racks and Coleman camper roof racks.

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