Multipurpose Trailers and Trailer Accessories

For families and large groups, or individuals who want to die with the most toys, there is no better transport solution for carrying multiple kayaks, canoes, and bikes than a multisport trailer. And when you’ve run out of room inside the vehicle and on the roof but there is still a lot more gear to haul, there is no other alternative than a multipurpose base trailer. Our Yakima and Malone trailers offer the easiest loading and unloading of large, heavy objects like canoes and kayaks while delivering the safest and most stable way to transport them. Trailers also offer maximum convenience, as they can easily be detached from the vehicle with gear fully loaded and double as storage units at home or at cabins or campsites, so your vehicle can be gear free for a quick trip into town. With wide crossbars and high weight capacities, you most definitely CAN take it all with you.
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