Anti-Theft For Racks and Carriers

We carry a wide assortment of locking cables, locking load straps, lock packs and other theft deterrent locking systems designed to protect your gear and the racks that carry your gear. We also carry the full range of spare lock cores and spare keys and are happy to match them to your specific key code. Unfortunately, we live in a world where bad people do bad things, like rob bikes out of bike racks, kife kayaks out of kayak racks, or swipe SUPs and surfboards out of surf racks. As hard as it is to understand, there are people out there who believe that a bike, boat or board is free for the taking simply because it is not locked securely into place. And there are others who will help themselves to your rack if it isnít locked to the vehicle. To thwart these thieves, invest in locking security to protect not just your gear, but also your gear carriers.
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