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As a Five-Star dealer and distributor for rack manufacturers Yakima Racks and Thule Racks, ORS Racks Direct is constantly striving to offer you the most comprehensive and up to date resources available online. Our goal is to both educate you about your Ford Flex roof rack options and to provide the tools to help you make the best choice among possible Yakima and Thule solutions for Ford Flex car racks.

We recommend using our easy Thule Racks and Yakima Racks automated fit guides below to quickly find and order your optimum Ford Flex rack solution.

Yakima Car Rack
Quick 'N Easy Order Guide


Thule Roof Rack
Quick 'N Easy Order Guide


Ford Flex Roof Rack Quick List
The following destinations below will be helpful if you already know what you need. If you are uncertain we recommend using the automated fitting guide resources above.

Yakima base Ford Flex roof racks
Yakima Ford Flex roof bike rack
Yakima Ford Flex ski rack
Yakima Ford Flex canoe racks
Yakima Ford Flex kayak rack
Yakima Ford Flex surfboard rack

Thule base Ford Flex roof rack
Thule Ford Flex bicycle racks
Thule Ford Flex snowboard roof racks
Thule Ford Flex roof canoe rack
Thule Ford Flex kayak racks
Thule Ford Flex roof surfboard racks

Complete Thule - Yakima Car Roof Rack Compatibility List

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