Inno INA389 Universal Tire Hold 2 Roof Mount Bike Rack
Inno INA389 Universal Tire Hold 2 Roof Mount Bike RackInno INA389 Universal Tire Hold 2 Roof Mount Bike Rack

Inno INA389 Universal Tire Hold 2 Roof Mount Bike Rack

Item Number: INA389
Ease of loading and unloading, universal mounting hardware that fits virtually all types of crossbars, and compatibility with nearly all styles of bikes makes the Inno INA389 Tire Hold 2 upright style bike rack one of the best roof mount bike racks available.
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The Inno INA389 Tire Hold 2 bike rack carries one bike in the upright position without contacting the frame, brakes, or cables and hydraulic lines thanks to the unique tire hold design. The INA389 Tire Hold 2 won’t help with lifting, but securing the bike into the carrier is an easy three-step process. Simply open both wheel arms (1) and place bike onto wheel tray and into the front wheel arm (2). At that point, the Self-Standing Auto System takes over and holds bike upright so the hands are free for ratcheting the rear wheel arm into position against the rear wheel (3) securing and locking the bike for transport. Additional locking security is provided with integrated locking cable.
  • The two dual ratcheting front and rear bike arms hold and fully stabilize virtually all styles and sizes of bicycles (but not compatible with fenders)
  • Conveniently contacts the front and rear tires only, never touches bike frame, brakes or cables and hydraulic lines
  • Tire Size Adjuster enables quick and easy adjustment to fit 20 inch, 22-24 inch, 26 inch, 650B, 700C, and 29” wheels sizes and accommodates all tire widths up to 2.7 inch
  • Features unique Self Standing Auto System that holds bike up hands free, allowing you to effortlessly ratchet the rear wheel arm into secured and locked position
  • Full system locking security via included cable bike lock and locking lever assembly (all locks & keys included)
  • Advanced easy-lever clamp hardware delivers no-tools installation and universally mounts to virtually all factory racks as well as any aftermarket multi-purpose base rack cross bars from Inno, Thule, Yakima, Whispbar, Malone, SportRack etc. For flush mounting into T-Track crossbars, see XA389 Tire Hold For AeroBase
  • The Inno ISF719 Long Bolts Adapter Kit (sold separately) is required for mounting this bike rack onto certain extra fat, thick, over-sized aftermarket cross bars and factory rack crossbars such as the Nissan XTerra / Nissan Frontier factory crossbars etc
  • Inno Racks Lifetime Warranty!

Product Reviews

Inno INA389 Universal Tire Hold 2 Roof Mount Bike Rack
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Los Angeles, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Solid rack
February 1, 2016
*I have had this rack for less than a month so this is just an initial review of the product. Can't speak for long term durability. 1. Installation: I was a bit concerned at first since the attachment brackets are rounded (probably to grip aero rails) so there is not a lot of surface contact on a square roof rail. Despite this, the rack securely holds onto square roof rails. Installation is quick and simple, just make sure to read the instructions first. 2. Bike mounting: I got a bit of a workout lifting my bike up and down as I tired to find the right height adjustment for the pieces that hold the tires, but once I found the right position mounting my bike became a breeze. I used a silver Sharpie to mark the positions that worked best for my MTB(26in) and cross bike(700c) to make it easier for future use. The nice thing about the rack is even before your bike is locked in, the rack holds your bike in place. 3. Driving: Because the rack holds the tires of the bike, the bike does sway slightly side to side. It was a little concerning at first while watching my bike through my sunroof, but after pulling over and giving the bike a good shake(basically I tried to rip it out of the rack), I'm confident there is no way it's going to fall off the rack. Just note that because the rack holds the tires there will be some movement. If you're running low tire pressure you might want to pump them up before placing your bike onto the rack for a more secure hold. 5. Locking cable: The cable is pretty short and just makes it around the bottom tube of my bike. IMO it's pretty pointless anyway since the bike release on the rack has a keylock, so to steal your bike they would have to deflate your tires and hope the wrestle the bike free. If you're going to leave your bike unattended long enough for someone to try this you might as well remove your bike and chain it up elsewhere. The best use for the lock cable is to wrap it around the roof rail to keep someone from stealing the rack itself. 4 Folded position: This rack is big and bulky in its folded position so it creates a good amount of wind noise. You wouldn't want to leave it on your car anyway because it's not the best looking rack. So for those of you who just buy roof racks for looks, save your money and buy a cheap one. Over all I'm happy with the rack so far. One thing to consider is since the tire holds are removable so that you can reposition them for different wheel sizes, you're gonna want to take them off and throw them in your car if you plan on driving with the rack folded down.
Secure hold Burly feel easy installation easy to mount your bike.
removable parts can be lost wind noise when folded

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