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ORS Crew explains - Inno interior fishing rod racks have a maximum extension of 64" for spanning from the window on the driver side over to the window on the passenger side. The length of the carriers are 50" long (the part of the carrier that points from the back of the vehicle towards the front).

Ray asks - Will this fit a 2011 Subaru Outback?

ORS Crew answers - Yes, this is a great solution for a 2011 Subaru Outback fishing rod rack.

Jeff asks - Will this fit in a 6'6'' Leer cap with windows on the sides?

ORS Crew answers - Yes, all Inno interior fishing rod racks will work well in a Leer cap with side windows.

John asks - Will this system work in 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

ORS Crew answers - Yep, it works perfectly as a '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior fishing rods carrier.

Lester asks - I have a 2010 Subaru Outback Sport. I was considering purchasing this until I looked at the manual. The mounting of this product relies on sticking mounts on the windows. However if the windows have film on them (tint), this may not be a good solution. Is there another method to mount instead of putting the mounts on the windows?

ORS Crew answers - Unfortunately none of the Inno interior fishing rod racks will work on tinted film coated windows, and the only way to install them is to the windows unfortunately. Great alternatives would be to use a locking ski rack or a locking cargo box on the 2010 Subaru Outback Sport factory rack cross bars.

Debbie R. asks - Will this fly rod rack fit inside a 2012 Ford Focus hatchback? And can the rods stay assembled?

ORS Crew answers - This car interior fishing rod rack has a maximum extension of 64" for spanning from the window on the driver-side over to the window on the passenger-side, so yes this will fit the 2012 Ford Focus hatchback no problem. The length of the carrier is 50" long (the part of the carrier that points from the back of the vehicle towards the front). Full assembly of rods is determined by specific fishing rod models and total distance of the vehicle interior from front to back.

Justin M. asks - Hi, want to confirm before ordering that this fits into a 2007 Ford Escape. Its a smaller SUV so I wanted to make sure that it would fit.

ORS Crew answers - No worries, yes this is fully compatible for use as a 2007 Ford Escape interior fishing rods holder.

Phil G. asks - Would the Inno 5 to 8 rod interior fishing rod racks work in a 2007 Toyota 4Runner which has smaller cargo windows? The rear windows in the 4Runner are tinted but not with film. Would the Inno rack pads damage the tinting?

ORS Crew answers - You are good to go, this is an Inno Racks confirmed and sanctioned fit. The ZR351 First Strike (as well as the other Inno interior fishing rod carrier models) serves an excellent interior fishing rod rack for the 2007 Toyota 4Runner. The rear windows are plenty large enough, and the integrated tinting in the windows will not be affected by the carrier mounting pads.

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