Malone MPG461G2 MicroSport Trailer Package for Two Kayaks
Malone MPG461G2 MicroSport Trailer Package for Two Kayaks

Malone MPG461G2 MicroSport Trailer Package for Two Kayaks

Item Number: malone-mpg461g2-microsport-trailer-package
Complete kayak trailer package for two kayaks includes the Malone MPG460G MicroSport Base Trailer as well as two sets of Malone MPG117MD J-Pro2 kayak racks resulting in the best and easiest way to transport multiple boats to the water.
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Malone Auto Racks is the largest family owned car rack accessory company in North America. Made in Maine, USA and sold all over the world, we are proud to offer the Malone Towable Trailers innovative, reliable and very affordable product line.

If you're looking to transport two large kayaks on the open road, a kayak trailer your best option. If you've ever loaded kayaks onto the roof of a vehicle, you know how much of a back breaking process it can be, not to mention the damage it can cause the vehicle if you loose grip of your kayak mid-hoist. With a 355 lb load capacity and knee level loading/unloading height, the Malone MPG461G MicroSport kayak trailer makes the otherwise difficult task of loading and unloading two heavy kayaks easy work. And best of all, when you make it back home, the trailer can be detached and rolled into the garage, barn, or carport using the included lift handle, while your kayaks remain loaded and ready for the next excursion.
  • Carries four kayaks tilted on their sides
  • Includes: Malone MPG460G Microsport Base Trailer, four Malone MPG117MD J-Pro2 J-style kayak cradles, Malone MPG465 spare tire with locking attachment
  • 11 guage pre-galvanized steel frame
  • Standard 8' tongue can accomodate boats up to 19' long
  • 12" galvanized wheels with marine grade sealed bearings
  • 78" vinyl coated steel rectangular loadbars are compatible with nearly all gear attachments
  • Made in Maine, USA
  • Five year warranty
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Malone MPG461G2 MicroSport Trailer Package for Two Kayaks
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