Malone Stinger Kayak Assist
Malone Stinger Kayak AssistMalone Stinger Kayak Assist

Malone Stinger Kayak Assist

Item Number: mpg350
Lift assist module for Malone SeaWing kayak carrier retracts backwards and rests on the vehicle, providing an easier starting point for loading a kayak onto the roof.
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The Malone Stinger Kayak Lift-Assist (MPG350) was developed as a simple and affordable kayak lift assist option that makes the process of loading and unloading, especially by one person, a much easier task. The retractable Malone Stinger kayak lift assist attaches to the MPG107MD Malone SeaWing kayak saddles and when deployed, places a small, V-shaped loading cradle 21" back from the rear mounted SeaWing cradle, putting the starting point for loading the kayak at a much more convenient position. When you are ready to load your boat just extend the Stinger backwards over the back of your vehicle (a rubber pad attached to the bottom of the Stinger protects the vehicle paint) and lock into place. Once the front of the boat is in the V-cradle, the kayak can be pushed forward into the rear mounted SeaWing cradle and onward into the front mounted SeaWing cradle.
  • Lift assist module for Malone SeaWing Kayak Rack
  • Retractable V-cradle extends backwards up to 21 inches to capture the kayak and protect the vehicle during loading and unloading
  • Fully retracts into stored position during travel
  • Padded injection molded frame will never scratch the kayak or vehicle
  • Universal mounting hardware attaches to most factory installed and aftermarket crossbars
  • Malone Racks Lifetime Warranty!
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Malone Stinger Kayak Assist
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