Bare Rooftop Racks - Car Rack
Cross Bars for Smooth Rooflines

If your car, van, or pickup truck has a bare rooftop with no pre-installed tracks, side rails, rain gutters, fixed mounting points, or other components, you need a car rack for a smooth roof-top. Versatile, strong, and easy to install, these naked roof cross bar systems accommodate gear attachments for carrying just about any outdoor equipment, from bikes to boats to skis and a whole lot more. A complete car rack for a bare roof includes footings that sit on the roof—usually called footpacks, towers, or stays, a vehicle-specific mounting clamp that usually snaps into the door seam—a fit kit, clip, or hook, and a pair of round, square, or aerodynamic cross bars. Half-pack systems are also available for pairing a single cross bar on your roof with a separate cross bar elsewhere on the vehicle, such as a hitch-mount cross bar or over-the-bed truck-mount cross bar.
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