ORS Racks Direct Vehicle Fit Guide

To carry cargo or gear on the roof of a vehicle, you first need a crossbar system, aka base rack system or roof rack system. With a crossbar system installed on the roof or truck bed, you’ll be free to attach gear attachments such as bike racks, ski/snowboard racks, surfboard/SUP racks, and kayak/canoe racks, as well as a cargo box or cargo basket for carrying general cargo. Other loads, such as lumber and ladders can also be safely transported on the crossbars of a multi purpose roof rack system. While some vehicles come right off the showroom floor complete with factory installed crossbars ready to be mounted with accessories, others vehicles have only flush or raised side rails, fixed mount points or roof tracks, or nothing at all (naked roof). With multiple rack systems available and several crossbar options within each, choosing the best rack system for your vehicle can be a bit overwhelming. In an effort to make the selection process less confusing, the ORS Racks Direct Combined Vehicle Fit Guide narrows down the choices of Thule and Yakima vehicle rack systems to only the options that will fit your particular vehicle.

**PLEASE NOTE: If your vehicle does not appear in the ORS Racks Direct Vehicle Fit Guide, please contact us. We are continuously adding brand new and older model vehicles to our Fit Guide, so although a particular vehicle might not appear below, most likely there are rack options available, and we'd be happy to walk you through them.

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