Permanent Custom Mount Roof Racks

Despite recent advances in vehicle fits from all the top car rack manufacturers, certain vehicles are still impossible to outfit with an out-of-the-box, clamp-on roof rack system. For instance, custom racks for Nissan Frontiers, Nissan Titans, and certain vans like the Honda Odyssey are often required (consult fit guides for your vehicle year, make, and model). There are also many other gear-transport surfaces where people want to mount cross bars but can’t find a simple, straightforward rack solution—like truck cap shells, camper tops, tonneau covers, and even fiberglass boat tops. For just about every hard-to-fit gear carrier application, a custom roof rack is the perfect solution. These drill-in car rack systems require brackets that bolt to the vehicle surface (either using fiberglass hardware for underside access or sheet metal hardware for hidden installation with no underside access), footings that sit over top of these brackets, and cross bars that complete the base rack configuration. Permanent tracks are an additional option if you want to be able to move your cross bars forward and back to adjust the bar span. Permanent rack systems require a little research, a little skill, and a little courage, but they’re a great DIY weekend project and a terrific foundation for attaching gear carriers to bike, ski, surf, kayak, pack up luggage or building supplies, and more. Explore permanent cross bar mounts for cars, trucks, RVs, and more from major brands like Thule and Yakima here. Just remember to measure twice and drill once!
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