Seattle Sports Riverside Universal Kayak Blocks Kit
Seattle Sports Riverside Universal Kayak Blocks KitSeattle Sports Riverside Universal Kayak Blocks Kit

Seattle Sports Riverside Universal Kayak Blocks Kit

Item Number: 068233
The Seattle Sports Riverside Universal Kayak Kit may be priced as a cheap kayak rack, however superior design, materials and fabrication deliver effortless assembly, install, easy-to-use functionality and reliable long lasting durability. The highest-quality kayak foam blocks design delivers universal install compatibility on cars with or without a roof rack, and everything in between. A complete, priced cheap kayak rack system - kayak blocks, straps, tie-downs, storage bag all included.
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Sale Price: $52.95
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Seattle Sports, long known for their reputable, quality products in the watersports and gear transport industries, now owns the Riverside Cartop Carriers brand. This acquisition results in product offerings guaranteed to deliver better-than-ever reliability and long lasting durability, ease of use and convenience. Performance functionality and affordable, value pricing make these products the ideal solution for the budget-minded customer. The Seattle Sports owned Riverside CarTop Universal Kayak Kit is a complete car rooftop kayak rack transport system, serving as an economical, simple and portable alternative for carrying your kayak to and from the water. The included kayak foam blocks, straps and bow-stern ties offer universal versatility, allowing you to load up and haul virtually any kayak on vehicles with or without a roof rack. The innovative Universal Kayak Kit may be priced as a cheap kayak rack, however superior design, materials and fabrication deliver effortless assembly and installation, easy-to-use functionality, long lasting durability and worry-free reliability. Plus everything packs up neatly in the included Universal Kayak Kit mesh bag for efficient storage and easy portability.

The 068233 Seattle Sports-Riverside CarTop Universal Kayak Kit functions and performs equally well on vehicles with completely bare car rooftops, factory installed roof rack cross bar systems, those with factory side rails only, and any aftermarket brand multi-purpose base roof rack cross bars from Thule, Yakima, Whispbar, Inno, SportRack, Malone and more. Includes a pair of corrosion resistant, waterproof, extra-tall, proprietary No-Skid blocks, manufactured using the latest advanced mini-cell kayak foam blocks technology. Unique non-skid laminate ensures the kayak blocks remain in place, never slipping. Simultaneously cushions and protects kayak underside, as well as ensuring blocks never impact car rooftop surface.

Custom engineered cut-outs on the bottom of the kayak foam blocks allow universal installation on -- completely bare cartop surfaces; vehicle rooftops with factory side rails only; on the crossbars of aftermarket brand and factory installed roof rack systems; even allowing for the option of positioning foam blocks in front of or in back of the cross bars, directly on roof top surface.

The Universal Kayak Kit includes everything necessary for assembling and installing a complete priced cheap kayak rack:

  • two (2) 18" extra tall NoľSkid kayak blocks (waterproof, corrosion resistant).
  • two (2) 9' kayak straps for lashing kayak and blocks together.
  • one (1) 15' heavy duty, over-the-top center strap for securing kayak and blocks firmly to the vehicle rooftop.
  • two (2) 18' bow and stern tie-down straps, along with four (4) front / rear hooks for securing kayak to underside of vehiclebumpers on tow loops or vehicle frame.
    PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ATTACH TIE-DOWNS TO BUMPER ITSELF (FRONT AND REAR). For vehicles without traditional tow loops or car frame under-carriage hook attachment anchor points, we highly recommend these clever alternative bow & stern tie-down straps anchor points as great options. Products available for front hood underside anchor points, rear car trunk / hatch door anchor points for hooking any vehicle bow & stern tie-down straps.
  • Reusable mesh bag for storage and travel.
  • Easy-to-follow 068233 Universal Kayak Kit instructions manual / help directions on how-to assemble, install and use the Seattle Sports-Riverside CarTop Carriers universal kayak rack foam blocks and straps kit.
  • Total Weight: 3 lbs. 2 ozs.

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Seattle Sports Riverside Universal Kayak Blocks Kit
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