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Read the reviews below to find out what other customers are saying about the Saris T-Bones hitch mount bike racks for 2 inch and 1-1/4 inch trailer hitches.

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A Simply Amazing Bike Rack, Period

this Saris T-Bones hitch bike rack review by M. Carter

This hitch rack is in a class by itself. I really think all the other bike rack companies will be scrambling to play catch up with it. All the other options seem like dinosaurs compared to the T Bones. Nothing comes close in terms of weight. The Quad Fit hitch is a feature I couldn't find on any other model either. I use the extended setting so the rack extends beyond my rear mounted spare tire on my Honda CR-V. I also love how I have the choice to insert the carrier into either a 2 inch or 1.25 inch receiver hitch, which allows me to use it on other friends' cars. I really like the bike storage rack feature though. Such a cool innovation. I live in a condo with not much room so the bike stand is perfect. Friends are always commenting on how good looking the bike stand is, and then when I show them how it doubles as an actual hitch bike rack they are blown away!


this Saris T-Bones hitch bike rack review by Christin
vehicle year/make/model: 2009 Toyota Prius
item(s) transported: bikes

OK... I haven't seen any reviews for this rack anywhere, so I thought I would write one and spare you all the hassle of owning it... Let me start off by saying that this is a really cool design, and it would def be a nice rack IF it worked as shown in the videos, BUT it doesn't!! Every time the temp would get above the 80s my rack would NOT "slide" on and off the base. In fact, it was very hard to get on and off... and was often stuck for an extended period of time and I could not get into my trunk! Talk about a PAIN!! I actually had ORS send out a new plastic receiver part thinking mine was defective... It worked fine for about a week UNTIL the temp went up again. I'm not a scientist, but I'm guessing the plastic expands in the heat?!?!? If you buy this rack and you live anywhere that experiences a hot and humid summer season be prepared to 'fight' with it to get it on and off. I'm talking full body weight leaning on it practically jumping up and down to get it on (10-15 mins)... and then not even being able to get it off. IT'S MORE OF A WORKOUT THAN RIDING THE BIKE! I hope Saris fixes this problem soon!

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