Rear Spare Tire Mount Bike Racks

If you’ve got a spare tire mounted on your rear vehicle door and no flat tires, you might as well find another use for it. Bike racks for spare tires are easy to access and easy to install, with two-bike spare tire and three-bike spare tire models. Choose from bike racks that strap around the spare and bike racks that bolt onto the spare, with arms that adjust to fit off-center spare tire mounts, too. Plus, many vehicle rear spare wheel mount bike carriers can be converted to transport skis and snowboards in the winter months, so you and your new rack never need to take a season off. Check out our fine selection of Thule, Yakima, Saris, and SportRack spare tire bike mounts below!
"I've placed two orders with ORS Racks Direct. Both orders were in stock and were shipped the same day. The discounted prices were as good or better than any other online retailer too!" - Todd F. / East Moline, Illinois
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