SportRack Drafter 3
SportRack Drafter 3SportRack Drafter 3SportRack Drafter 3SportRack Drafter 3

SportRack Drafter 3

Item Number: SR3141
The SportRack Drafter 3 is a fully-adjustable and securely-fastening bike rack, designed for use with minivans and SUV's to carry up to three bikes.
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If your current vehicle doesn't already have a hitch, installing one solely for use with a hitch-mounted bike rack can be a costly endeavor. That's why nothing beats the simplistic function of fully-collapsible bike racks like the SportRack Drafter 3. Two stacks of three horizontally locking cogs allow users to adjust the SportRack Drafter 3's bike arms into a wide range of angles, ensuring that regardless of what vehicle the SportRack Drafter 3 is being mounted to, your bikes can be set at a level position for easy and secure loading and unloading. The SportRack Drafter 3's two stabilizer arms are padded where they make contact with the vehicle, protecting automotive glass and finish paint from marring, while six adjustable straps balance bike weight evenly across the surface of the rack and vehicle's hatchback. When you're ready to hit the road, load up to three bikes onto the SportRack Drafter 3's rubber padded arms, and cinch tight the included notched rubber straps for a worry-free commute to the trail head. And when the day is done, loosen the SportRack Drafter 3's straps, collapse the rack's arms and frame, and easily stow the entire system away for storage.
  • Designed specifically to mount to the back of vans and SUVs
  • Six straps with rubber hooks for even holding power
  • Padded arms to protect vehicle finish
  • Easy to store
  • Three bike capacity
  • 132 lbs max weight

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SportRack Drafter 3
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