Subaru Impreza RS Roof Rack for Skis & Snowboards with Yakima Q Towers System and Yakima Buttondown Aero

Subaru Impreza RS roof rack with ski-snowboard carrier - Yakima Q Towers car rack system / Yakima Buttondown ski rack-snowboard rack / 6 pack of Yakima locks to lock the Q Towers to the Subaru Impreza roof top and snowboards & skis inside Yakima Buttondown 6 carrier.

B.N. explains "I live in San Diego and drive a 2002 Subaru Impreza RS with a Yakima Q Towers and 4 snowboard Buttondown carrier. The picture is after a week and a half long trip from San Diego to Mammoth Mtn., June Mtn., Homewood, Mt. Rose, and Alpine Meadows; hence the road dirt. I bought my rack from you in January 2006 and have enjoyed three seasons of snowboarding with the convenience of throwing my boards on the roof instead of packing them through the tiny ski port in the back seat of my car."

All systems and components listed below...

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