Subaru Outback Car Rack for Kayak & Bikes Yakima Lowrider System, CopperHead Bike Racks and Mako / HullyRollers Kayak Carrier

Subaru Outback car rack with fork mount bike racks and kayak carrier - Yakima Lowrider roof rack system / 2 Yakima Copperhead bike carriers / 1 Yakima Mako Saddles - HullyRollers kayak rack combination (1 pair of Mako Saddles attach to Lowrider base rack front crossbar & 1 pair of HullyRollers connect to Lowrider base rack rear cross bar) / 6 pack of Yakima locks to lock Lowrider Towers to the Subaru Outback wagon roof rack siderails and the bicycles inside the Copperhead fork mount bike carriers.

All systems and components listed below...

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