Crossbar Pads and Pad/Strap Kits for SUPs, Surfboards, Kayaks, and Canoes

SUP/surfboard and kayak/canoe carriers can get pretty fancy, with lockable ratcheting cables, adjustable padded platforms, integrated rollers, lift assist features, and universal mounting brackets that attach to virtually any style of crossbar. But there are also less expensive options that are stripped of bells and whistles but that still do the job of safely and securely transporting SUPs, surfboards, kayaks, and canoes to the water on the roof of a vehicle. ORS Racks Direct offers simple and economical pads, load straps, and pad/strap kits for kayaks, canoes, surfboards and SUPs that work on vehicles with existing factory or aftermarket crossbars and even vehicles with naked roofs. You donít need to spend an arm and a leg to safely carry your boat or board, but investing a few dollars in a proper pad and strap kit, as opposed to not spending a dime and using a bath towel and a few lengths of bailing twine is a smart choice that you wonít regret.
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