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Reduces My Struggle to Virtually None

this Thule 887XT SlipStream kayak rack review by Denyelle
vehicle year/make/model: 2013 Honda CRV
item(s) transported: Old Town Vapor 10XT

I love this attachment. It has reduced the struggle I had with getting my kayak on top of my CRV to virtually none. Prior to getting the attachment, I struggled and fought to get the kayak on my CRV. I even ended up with damage on the top of my vehicle because I could only get the kayak to sit upside down on my roof rack. It then moved while in transit, damaging the roof. Now, it's on in an instant and no worries about damage to the vehicle anymore. :)

Makes Loading Easy!!

this Thule 887XT SlipStream kayak rack review by Rich
vehicle year/make/model: 2004 Lexus RX330
item(s) transported: sea kayaks

We started with the Thule J-Racks for our yaks which are fine for short trips. Since we are venturing wider and wider we wanted something to cut down on the "sail" feature of the J-Racks. The Slipstream is the perfect fit. Much easier to load and unload the yaks. The slide back feature helps keep the rear windshield fairing protected and the roller makes loading almost too easy. Stability is magnitudes better than the J-Racks. Highly recommended to anyone with a long kayak.

IDEAL for short people with heavy kayaks!

this Thule 887XT SlipStream review by Andy R.
vehicle year/make/model: 2004 Honda CRV
item(s) transported: 16' Tandem 75lb Old Town T160 kayak

I used to transport this kayak on a Saab 9000 with Hull-a-port carriers. Usually we were worried about damaging the boat/ the side-view mirrors/ our backs. After getting the Honda CRV we were concerned about the roof height. How in the world would we comfortably, safely get this behemoth boat on top? The Slipstream XT makes it so easy to load. Since the entire rack slides back to beyond the rear of the roof, I can lean the boat on the roller, and just push it up without backstrain! I am very impressed with the ease of use. It is also a less-obtrusive method (and less expensive by FAR!) than buying the Hullivator from Thule.

ORS Racks Direct has the answer!

this Thule 887XT SlipStream review by Jesse Hackenberg
vehicle year/make/model: 1998 Toyota RAV4
item(s) transported: 14' Pelican Elite Series Pilot Tandem 140T XE Kayak

The Thule 887XT SlipStream is the answer to easily load and securely transport a long, open-cockpit, tandem kayak! Loading is a one-person job. Securing is a cinch. Stability on the road is unsurpassed. ORS Racks Direct delivered all this with great service and at THE BEST PRICE.

Easy to install and use!

this Thule 887XT SlipStream review by Carolyn
vehicle year/make/model: 2005 Toyota Sequoia
item(s) transported: kayak

When I purchased my Kayak I had also purchased the Thule 835 rack system. The 835 is a good rack, but due to the height and size of my vehicle I needed another person to help me load my kayak. When I saw the Thule 887XT SlipStream rack on your web site, I knew I could load my kayak onto my Sequoia by myself. The 887XT is easy to assemble and mount to the vehicle. I used it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was so easy loading and unloading my kayak. Anyone who has a "high profile" vehicle will love this rack. It was a very good purchase!

Beware Not Good for All Kayaks

this Thule 887XT SlipStream review by MS
vehicle year/make/model: 2004 Volkswagen Jetta wagon
item(s) transported: fishing kayak

The Tule Slipstream would work well for any normal kayak, but my fishing kayak which is wider and has a beveled bottom does not fit at all. The pads are adjustable but only within a very small range (not helpful for me). If you are wanting to transport a wide fishing kayak save yourself $300 and get the Malone Autoloader.

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