TracRac CapRac
TracRac CapRacTracRac CapRacTracRac CapRac

TracRac CapRac

Item Number: 29200
Whoa, innovation. If you thought your shiny new topper had maximized your truck bed to the furthest extent of its carrying capabilities, you were wrong. With the addition of the TracRac CapRac, ladders, construction materials, and sporting gear all have the room and storage space they deserve on top of your vehicle's topper.
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When you work construction, it's nice to be able to store valuable and non-waterproof tools inside of a topper. Unfortunately, this convenience also eliminates the bed's capability to haul over-sized construction materials and ladders. Luckily, TracRac has your back, with the TracRac CapRac; an ingenious and easy addition that turns the top of your truck topper into the perfect platform for transforming everything from lumber to roofboxes. The pair of included overhead cross bars are each 65" in length and haul a serious amount of gear with confidence. The TracRac CapRac is built tough with high quality, 100% rust-free 6063 T-6 aluminum that is treated with a dual stage, electrostatic powder coating for optimal protection from chipping and scratch marks. The complete TracRac CapRac truck rack system weighs just 26 lbs., making it easy to install and remove when not needed. The TracRac CapRac's crossbars also feature an airfoil “trip strip” on the front for reduced wind noise. The T-slots on the top and bottom of the TracRac CapRac cross bars serve two purposes: On the top, the T-slots allow for integration with certain truck rack accessories, such as the included set of 4 handy, sliding HD Load Stop / Tie-Downs that provide excellent anchors for your load straps as well as stabilizing your cargo load. On the bottom of the bars, the T-slots make for easy adjustment and positioning of the cross bars on the TracRac CapRac base towers. The TracRac CapRac's aluminum base towers feature swivel brackets to ensure universal flush mounting on any style of pickup truck bed cap, camper shell and topper. The completed installation also successfully conceals the stainless steel fasteners for a clean, integrated look. Included gaskets also ensure a 100% water-proof interface between the camper and the TracRac CapRac.

  • Includes four dual powder-coated aluminum heavy-duty mounting bracket towers
  • Includes two dual powder-coated aluminum heavy-duty cross bars with end caps
  • 65” long crossbars
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Includes four sliding aluminum HD load stop/tie downs with quick release clamping knobs (all-purpose attachment for carrying ladders, lumber, piping, canoe etc.)
  • One size fits all
  • The entire TracRac CapRac system weighs only 26 lbs.
  • Premium, high-quality 6063 T-6 aluminum construction that is 100% rust-free and dual powder coated for lasting durability
  • Unique swivel bracket design on the base towers allows for universal flush mounting on any style of pickup truckbed cap, camper shell and topper
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easily accommodates the maximum load capacity of your particular pickup truck shell
  • Aerodynamic crossbars
  • Includes four sliding aluminum HD Load Stop / Tie-Downs

Product Reviews

TracRac CapRac
4 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Fredrick McCann
Auburn, Maine
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

TracRac CapRac
June 5, 2016
Price was great shipping was fast. Installation was overall easy with the exception of some defective nuts. Some of the nuts bound up so tight when tightening them I actually had to cut and break them off. I think it happened on three bolts. They would start off fine but before you fully tightened they would bind up so hard you couldent move them. They wouldn't back out either so I had to either cut them off or use a breaker bar and snap them off and no they weren't cross threaded they were started by hand and hand tools were used to tighten them. On one of the t-bolts that attach to the bar it was so bound up it actually spun in the slot damaging the underneath of the t-bar. Anyways had to buy some new bolts at the local hardware store and everything went fine. No issues with ORS RACKS this was a manufacturers quality control issue!
Great price fast shipping
Defective nuts

Walla Walla, WA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

More Space
January 27, 2016
The CapRac is pretty sweet, I must say. Really thought I had it figured out with my sweet truck cap, but that was until I read up on the CapRac. Easy install, with the huge added benefit of a bunch more rooftop space. A little more involved of an install than most other vehicle products, but still not bad if you have any wherewith-all.

Jackson, NH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Ultimate Turck Solution
January 27, 2016
Even though this one might be a tough sell to your wife, the added benefit of roof top storage ONTOP of a topper, is really hard to beat. There's literally nothing else you can do to optimize your vehicle's storage capabilities. I can still carry ladders and lumber without having to take off my topper. Win-Win!

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