TracRac Compatible Multi-Sport Carriers

TracRac cross bars are 4” wide, which is quite a bit wider than standard factory crossbars and aftermarket cross bars from brands like Thule, Yakima, Whispbar, Inno and more. Because of the extra width front to back of TracRac bars (versus the extra thickness of the bars top to bottom, which can be dealt with by simply using longer bolts), most “universal” accessories don’t fit and cannot be adapted to fit TracRac crossbars. But there are some gear carriers that fit TracRac bars right out of the box, and we have listed them below. Here is where you will find TracRac compatible bike racks, TracRac compatible ski and snowboard racks, TracRac compatible kayak racks, and TracRac compatible surfboard and SUP racks that attach by either integrating into the T-slots that run along the top of the TracRac bars or that attach with mounting clamps that can accommodate the extra width of the TracRac bars and fit without any issues.
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