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TracRac TracONE

Item Number: 27000-01 and 27000B
Owned by Thule, the complete TracRac TracONE Truck Rack (27000-01 and 27000B) is proudly made in the U.S.A. and is an excellent value-priced fixed-in-place, professional grade complete truck rack-ladder rack for virtually all pickup truck beds. Features a one-size-fits-all design and supports loads up to 800 lbs and weighs just 50 lbs. The Trac ONE allows you to pile on materials for work as well as gear when it's playtime. A more basic version of the T-Rac G2 model (T-Rac G2 includes additional upgrades). Optional accessories also available.
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Recently purchased by the Thule Group (parent company of Thule Racks), TracRac is well known for their legendary truck rack, van rack and utility vehicle rack systems. And now with full access to the Thule Racks design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, TracRac is quickly redefining the professional work rack market.

The TracRac TracONE Truck Rack System (27000-01 and 27000B) is proudly made in the U.S.A. and is an excellent value-priced fixed-in-place, professional grade complete truck rack-ladder rack for virtually all pickup truck beds. Featuring a one-size-fits-all design (ideal for transferring between vehicles), the TracONE delivers a maximum load capacity of 800 lbs. and is built tough with high quality, rust-free 6063 aluminum that is treated with a dual stage, electrostatic powder coating for optimal protection from chipping and scratch marks. The complete TracRac TracONE truck system weighs just 50 lbs. so it is effortless to install and optionally remove when not needed.

PLEASE NOTE: The TracONE Tacoma Mount Kit (sold separately; see accessory add-ons below) is a required additional adapter kit for installing the TracONE truck rack on the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck bed deck rail - track system.
Alternatively, the TracONE Tacoma Mount Kit w/ ToolBox Mount is a combination adapter kit that includes everything necessary for mounting the Trac Rac TracONE truck rack and any tool box (from any manufacturer) to the Toyota Tacoma pickup truckbed deck rail - track system.

The pair of included overhead cross bars are each 65" in length. Pile on ladders, lumber and building materials when you‘re heading to the work site, the TracONE is a truly versatile commercial-work rack that also enjoys playtime -- carry canoe, kayaks, boat, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards and more. The highly durable and super versatile TracRac TracONE truck rack-ladder rack system is your trusted partner when it comes to safely transporting heavy gear and supplies that are too long to fit in the cargo bed of your pickup truck. Installation requires no drilling! Instead, the system attaches to pickup truck bed using two single axis C-clamps on each of the four upright tower bases. A durable rubber pad on the bottom of each base protects the paint on the top and side of truck bed rails, while an aluminum U-channel protects the underside of the bed rail from the ends of the two clamp bolts, resulting in a zero damage installation.

Once initial assembly is completed, the Trac ONE truck rack can be installed and removed in minutes. The entire system weighs only 50 lbs, so installation and removal is not a back breaking ordeal! The aerodynamic cross bars on the truck rack mean you won’t need to turn the radio volume to an uncomfortably high level to drown out wind noise thanks to the bullet shaped profile and an airfoil “trip strip” located at the front of the bars. For increased strength and rigidity, the cross bars also feature an internal web-like structure and are attached to the base towers, which feature a unique saddle shape construction at the connection point, without the need for additional bracing.

The Trac Rac TracONE includes all components that are necessary for a complete pickup truckbed rack system:

  • four (4) dual powder-coated aluminum heavy-duty Upright Towers
  • two (2) dual powder-coated aluminum heavy-duty Cross Bars with End Caps (each crossbar is 65" in length)
  • eight (8) Single Axis Mounting Clamps
  • four (4) Sliding Adjustable Composite Loop Tie Downs (all-purpose attachment for carrying ladders, lumber, piping, canoe etc.)

The system features a one-size-fits-all design, so it fits virtually all pickups. Also ideal for transferring between different model pickup trucks. We recommend using our TracRac Fit Guide to determine if the TracONE truck rack is compatible with your specific pickup truck model. Additionally, in our "order check out" area we will get all your pickup truck year/make/model info to ensure you receive the correct system.

Additional Features and Details:

  • The TracRac TracONE system is a more basic version of the T-Rac G2 truck rack system. The T-Rac G2 model includes upgrades such as integrated TracBox Toolbox mounts, Toolbox Mount Shims Kit that universally allows any tool box brand to mount to the T-Rac G2 bases, four Sliding Aluminum HD Load Stop / Tie Downs with Quick Release Clamping Knobs for securing and stabilizing all kinds of loads, integrated ARC Side Cleats on each of the four upright towers for versatile tie-down configurations.
  • Features a one-size-fits-all design that is ideal for transferring between vehicles.
  • Entire system weighs just 50 lbs. Heavy duty 800 lbs. carrying capacity.
  • High-quality 6063 Aluminum construction is rust free and powder coated for lasting durability.
  • No drilling! Simple installation using included custom single-axis clamps with padding to fully protect all pickup truck contact points.
  • Easy-to-follow TracRac TracONE truck rack installation instructions manual included.
  • TracRac Truck Racks Lifetime Warranty!

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