Yakima BaseLine Towers for Car Roof Rack on Naked Rooflines (4 -Pack)
Yakima BaseLine Towers for Car Roof Rack on Naked Rooflines (4 -Pack)Yakima BaseLine Towers for Car Roof Rack on Naked Rooflines (4 -Pack)Yakima BaseLine Towers for Car Roof Rack on Naked Rooflines (4 -Pack)

Yakima BaseLine Towers for Car Roof Rack on Naked Rooflines (4 -Pack)

Item Number: 8000146
Replacing the Yakima Q-Towers, the Yakima BaseLine Towers use all new Yakima BaseLine Clips to attach to vehicles with naked or smooth roofs and are compatible with the new Yakima JetStream and CoreBar aero bars, as well as the traditional RoundBars (with Yakima RoundBar SL Adapter, sold separately) providing a modern clip-on style base rack system that is secure, easy to install, stylish and ready for attachments to carry bikes, boats, boards, cargo, and more.
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For 2016, Yakima introduces the Yakima StreamLine System, an all new family of top of car crossbar systems carefully engineered to provide the best fit to the ever-changing body styles of modern day vehicles, with special attention placed on ease-of-use, versatility, and aesthetics.

After more than 20 years of racking up vehicles with naked roofs, the stalwart Yakima Q-Tower and its trusty Q-clips are being replaced by the Yakima BaseLine Towers and Yakima BaseLine Clips. Let us now have a moment of silence for the Yakima Q-Tower...Ok then, moving on. Part of the Yakima StreamLine System series of roof rack systems, the Yakima BaseLine Towers (800146) and BaseLine Clips have been designed to more easily adapt to the ever-changing contours of today’s modern vehicles while providing the most secure and install-friendly base rack system available for bare roof tops. Compatible with the new Yakima JetStream aero bars and Yakima CoreBar aero bars as well as the original Yakima RoundBars (with the Yakima RoundBar SL adapter 8003536, sold separately), the BaseLine Towers attach to naked roofs with vehicle specific BaseClips that unobtrusively clip onto the edge of the roof under the doors in specific locations specified in the installation instructions. To best accommodate the wide range of vehicle body styles, the BaseLine Towers feature tri-axial DropHook BaseClip adjustment motion to achieve the most secure and customized fit possible. In addition, the unique BarBed pitch adjustment feature allows you to level the front and rear crossbars on vehicles with curved rooflines. To further facilitate installation, a torque tool is included to take the guesswork out of how tight the clamping force needs to be, ensuring exact and proper tightness of the system to the roof each time.

  • Designed for vehicles with naked or smooth roofs (no existing side rails, fixed mount points, tracks, or rain gutters). Replaces the Yakima Q-Towers
  • Set of four towers included. Requires two sets of vehicle-specific Yakima BaseClips and a pair of Yakima crossbars for a complete base rack system
  • Compatible with Yakima Aluminum JetStream Aero Bars and Yakima Steel CoreBar Aero Bars as well as the original Yakima Round Bars using the 8003536 RoundBar SL Adapter (sold separately)
  • Tri-axial DropHook BaseClip adjustment easily adapts to a wide range of vehicle shapes and ensures a safe and secure installation
  • Torque tool included for worry free installation
  • BarBed pitch adjustment enables bars to be adjusted up to 12 degrees to level front and rear crossbars on vehicles with rounded roof lines
  • Toe adjustment enables optimized tower angle for the best fit on vehicles with scalloped roofs
  • Increased maximum load capacity of 220lbs on certain vehicles
  • Locks to vehicle with Yakima SKS locks (sold separately)
  • Constructed of stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic, and elastomer padding
  • Yakima Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Yakima BaseLine Towers for Car Roof Rack on Naked Rooflines (4 -Pack)
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Syracuse, NY
4 Stars
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April 24, 2017
Okay, I'm not the smartest guy in the forest. Still, the instructions provided by Yakima are very challenging to follow. I think they're trying to develop instructions that don't depend on language but rather on graphics. Okay, but you really have to lean into them and it can take a while. Luckily ORS has a pretty good utube video out there that is very helpful when you're trying to install Base Line towers on a bare roof. I'm sure the engineering is solid and the product really worth it but, if you're anything like me, it can take you half a day to install.

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