Yakima BaseLine Roof Rack System
Yakima BaseLine Roof Rack SystemYakima BaseLine Roof Rack SystemYakima BaseLine Roof Rack SystemYakima BaseLine Roof Rack SystemYakima BaseLine Roof Rack SystemYakima BaseLine Roof Rack SystemYakima BaseLine Roof Rack System

Yakima BaseLine Roof Rack System

Item Number: Yakima-BaseLine-Systems-all-bars
Complete base rack crossbar system for vehicles with naked rooftops includes set of four Yakima BaseLine Towers, two sets of vehicle-specific Yakima BaseClips, and your choice of a pair of Yakima CoreBar steel aero bars, traditional Yakima RoundBars with RoundBar SL Adapter, or the Yakima JetStream aluminum aero bars in black or silver (+$76).
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If your vehicle has a naked rooftop (no existing side side rails, fixed points, tracks, or rain gutters, and not a stitch of clothing) and you have aspirations of transporting on that naked roof bikes or boats, surfboards or paddleboards, skis or snowboards, or general gear/supplies in a cargo box or basket, or all of the above, you will first need a roof mount crossbar system, a.k.a. base rack system. The Yakima BaseLine complete roof rack system includes all three necessary components (towers, crossbars, and clips) required to put a pair of crossbars on your vehicle's roof that will enable you to mount various gear-carrying attachments. The Yakima BaseLine roof rack system includes a set of four Yakima BaseLine towers, two sets of vehicle specific Yakima BaseLine clips, and your choice of a pair of Yakima CoreBar steel aero bars, Yakima RoundBars with required Roundbar SL Adapters, or the Yakima JetStream aluminum T-slot equipped aero bars in black or silver (+$76). The Yakima BaseLine towers are engineered with features designed to make installation as easy as possible while offering the best possible fit to today’s modern vehicles. When installed correctly, the Yakima BaseLine system will not damage the vehicle and will safely and securely transport up to 220 lbs** of gear (**depending on vehicle and when using CoreBar aero bars -- max load when using JetStream aero bars or RoundBars is 165 lbs).

Starting in March 2016, Yakima BaseLine Towers replace Yakima Q-Towers. After more than 20 years of racking up vehicles with naked roofs, the Yakima Q-Tower and its trusty Q-clips are being replaced by the Yakima BaseLine Towers and Yakima BaseLine Clips. Part of the Yakima StreamLine System series of roof rack systems, the Yakima BaseLine Towers (800146) and BaseLine Clips have been designed to more easily adapt to the ever-changing contours of today’s modern vehicles while providing the most secure and install-friendly base rack system available for vehicles with naked roof tops. The BaseLine Towers attach with vehicle specific BaseClips that unobtrusively clip onto the edge of the roof under the doors in specific locations specified in the installation instructions. To best accommodate the wide range of vehicle body styles, the BaseLine Towers feature Tri-Axial DropHook BaseClip adjustment motion to achieve the most secure and customized BaseClip-to-roof fit possible. The unique BarBed Pitch Adjustment allows you to level the front and rear crossbars on vehicles with curved rooflines and the Toe adjustment allows adjustment of the tower angle (in relation to the roofline as it runs front to back). To further facilitate installation, a torque tool is included to take the guesswork out of how tight the clamping force needs to be, ensuring exact and proper tightness of the system to the roof each time.
  • Complete roof mount crossbar system for vehicles with naked roofs
  • Replaces Yakima Q-Tower System
  • Complete Yakima BaseLine System includes set of four Yakima BaseLine Towers, a pair of Yakima crossbars, and two sets of Yakima BaseClips (BaseClips are sold in pairs, so two BaseClips are needed)
  • Vehicle-specific Yakima BaseClips include customized stainless steel powder-coated clips, customized pads, and vehicle specific installation instructions
  • BaseLine Clips attach to Yakima BaseLine towers and clip onto the edge of the roof under the doors. No drilling required!
  • Three distinct crossbar styles to choose from: Yakima CoreBar steel aero bars (black only), Yakima JetStream T-Slot equipped aluminum aero bars in anodized alloy or powder-coated black (+$76), and Yakima RoundBars (black only) with RoundBar SL Adapter
  • Does the Yakima BaseLine System Fit My Car? To determine which specific RidgeClips are required for your vehicle, and which length JetStream aero bars, CoreBar aero bars, or RoundBars are recommended, consult the Yakima Automated Fit Guide
  • Maximum load rating of 220 lbs when using CoreBar aero bars or 165 lbs when using JetStream aero bars or RoundBars (depending on vehicle)
  • Lockable to vehicle with optional Yakima SKS locks (sold separately)
  • Yakima Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Product Reviews

Yakima BaseLine Roof Rack System
4.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Philadelphia, PA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great once I got it on!
August 18, 2017
The rack is great; it does what it is supposed to! I did have a hard time getting it onto the car -- the front bars were easy enough, but the back would not stay on! We eventually figured out that one of the screws was not threading correctly, and once we switched the screw, it was good to go. I assume this to be a fluke, not a consistent issue.

Syracuse, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Know what you are getting into.
May 3, 2017
The rack is on and feels very secure. Getting it on, however, was no picnic. From reading other reviews, I know this a common response. The instructions are really bad. Coincidentally, a friend phoned me the day after I had spent seven hours deciphering the instructions and he had just finished having the same experience with the same components. Neither one of us are engineers, but neither of us are dummies either. This is my fourth purchase of a Yakima product from ORS and I know they are a quality product, but for the price they charge they could invest in a better technical writer and/or a quality video for posting on Youtube.

Grass Lake MI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

works better than most items I buy.
June 2, 2016
Was easy enough to assemble with the instructions provided. Was solid when put on my truck. Had no problems with the kayaks when on truck, Toyota Tacoma extended cab. I was pulling a small Aliner Camper, and did keep it under 65mph.
Easy to assemble. Passed my shake test. Tested to 65MPH. Had my doubts about Tacoma extended cab with this unit for kayaks, works great. Would I recommend this item to a friend, not just yes, but hell yes!
When asked what size bars, I asked for ORS to decide. They should be the next size in length. You need to place the J-Racks on each side of tower. The front bar isn't long enough to do this. I had talked to a person at ORS, and had ordered these items together. Front bar should be a little longer, but it does work as is. Expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Rack James
Montpelier, VT
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

First Look and I'm Impressed!
February 11, 2016
In the fall of 2015, our Yakima rep arrived under the cover of night for a secret meeting in our secret meeting room in the ORS warehouse to show us the four new Yakima StreamLine System roof rack towers: the BaseLine Towers, RidgeLine Towers, SkyLine Towers, and TimberLine Towers, which replace the Yakima Q-Towers, Control Towers, and RailGrab Towers. I was at first impressed with the BaseLine Tower's stylish glossy automotive finish and the much more modern look as compared to the Q-Tower, which after 20 years of service was growing a bit long in the tooth. Our rep told us that the BaseLine Tower was designed to perform better than any other naked roof tower and to have unmatched usability. I'd say Yakima's engineers succeeded based solely on the fact that there are no more loose u-clips or p-bolts to worry about! But with other features like toe angle adjustment (angle of tower base can be aligned with curvy rooflines) and crossbar pitch adjustment (so aero bars can be leveled), the new BaseLine Towers are very impressive from both an aesthetic and engineering point of view. The new JetSream and CoreBar aero bars are also easy on the eyes, and will definitely look great on a vehicle's roof, while not making a sound. This Tower will be around for a long time, so it had to be right, and I'd say Yakima got it right!
Ease of installation, stylish look that won't stick out like a sore thumb on your roof, multiple crossbar options, no loose parts!
Too bad it didn't come out sooner!

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