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Read the reviews below to find out what other customers are saying about the Yakima 8007080 MegaWarrior roof rack basket.

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The Finishing Touch to An Awesome Truck

this Yakima MegaWarrior Basket review by S. Rogers
vehicle year/make/model: 2008 Ford F-250 pickup truck
item(s) transported: camping gear

(ATTENTION: Also includes a review of Whispbar T18 HD Bar w/ K469 Fitting Kit multi-purpose base rack system.) Love the fit and finish, wonderful product, love its quietness at all speeds and over all very pleased. Thank you!

Great Product

this Yakima Mega Warrior roof basket review by Robby
vehicle year/make/model: 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
item(s) transported: spare tire, high-lift jack, mountain bike

Great product that holds all of my gear and looks dang good doing it!

A Very Strong Carrier

this Yakima MegaWarrior basket review by JW
vehicle year/make/model: 1997 GMC Yukon 2-door 4X4
item(s) transported: bulky items and such

Overall, great buy and great product. I found this carrier to be made of lightweight material, yet once combined it is structurally sound. I know this because after installing, my son tried to drive into the garage and slammed it into the garage door framing. It knocked it askew, but didn't bend or harm it, the securing brackets took the force and gave a little. I loosened and straightened the carrier and tightened mounts and it was ready to roll. A lot more work fixing the garage framing. I would say that putting it together, make sure and only insert a slight bit of the male ends in and then do the other side, it fits very tight and if you insert one end too far, it makes it very hard to insert the opposite side. The only item I wasn't real happy with was the screws that accompany the items, they strip out very easily, I would recommend Yakima find a supplier that provides quality hardware and for that matter for what you pay, they should send all who have purchased new hardware that won't strip. Now you can get enough of the screw in for a solid installation, but I would prefer to be able to seat the screws as designed.

Solid Cargo basket

this Yakima Mega Warrior review by Jammin
vehicle year/make/model: 2005 Nissan Pathfinder
item(s) transported: Pretty much anything under the sun

I wanted two things on my roof. A cargo basket and a bike rack. I was concerned that they both wouldn't fit at the same time, but that didn't turn out to matter, because the MegaWarrior comes with an extra crossbar that you use with the frame so you can attach your bike rack. Or ski rack or kayak rack for that matter. I think this is a great feature. Regarding the basket itself, it is very sturdy and holds lots of gear. I would definitely suggest a cargo net though. This basket is solid and holds a ton of stuff. I give it the highest marks.

Awesome Basket and Light Mounting Base

this Yakima MegaWarrior basket review by Brian
vehicle year/make/model: 2009 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4X4
item(s) transported: mounting base for 9" Hella Off Road Lights on front and Rigid Industries High power LED Lights on the rear. Hunting gear: tree stands, ground blinds, other bulky items that wont fit inside

The Yakima MegaWarrior Basket and Extension with Light Brackets are attached to roof rack cross bars on 60" tracks on the fiberglass camper shell. So far I have been very pleased with the quality and strength of the MegaWarrior Basket and extension. I not only use the basket for extra room to transport bulky cargo to my hunting camp, but also as a strong base to install four 9" off road lights. I had an issue with rack being damaged in shipment but the guys at ORSRACKSDIRECT were very helpful and a new one was immediately shipped out. Thanks!

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