Yakima OffGrid Large Cargo Basket
Yakima OffGrid Large Cargo Basket

Yakima OffGrid Large Cargo Basket

Item Number: 8007139
AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2017 -- PREORDER NOW! Premium roof mount cargo basket blends maximum cargo capacity with modern aesthetics resulting in a cargo basket that looks as good on a shiny, brand new SUV as it does on an old beater.
The Yakima 8007139 OffGrid Large cargo basket combines utility and style to deliver a rugged rooftop cargo basket that can haul a lot of gear, but that also blends in with the aesthetics of modern and luxury vehicles much better than traditional, boxy cargo baskets. Featuring tool-free, quick-release SKS locking mounting hardware (SKS locks/keys included!) and fully adjustable accessory crossbars, the Yakima OffGrid large cargo basket sets a new standard for rooftop cargo baskets. With exterior dimensions of 53.25" L x 49.25" W, and with the included accessory crossbars for attaching bike racks, kayak racks, or ski/snowboard racks, the Yakima OffGrid Large cargo basket can haul a lot of luggage, gear, and general cargo and look great doing it!
  • Large size roof mount cargo box with premium aesthetics compliments the styling of modern vehicles
  • Also available:
  • Compatible with OffGrid Large Extension to add 22" for a total of 40% more capacity
  • Lockable, tool-free universal mounting hardware fits onto virtually all styles of crossbars
  • SKS locks/keys included to lock OffGrid basket onto the crossbars
  • Accessory crossbars can be mounted with attachments such as bike racks, kayak racks, or ski/snowboard racks, leaving the basket cargo space open for hauling gear
  • Includes wind fairing for keeping noise at a minimum
  • Exterior dimensions: 53.25" long x 49.25" wide
  • Warranty: Yakima Love It Till You Leave It Lifetime Warranty

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Yakima OffGrid Large Cargo Basket
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