Yakima RackandRoll Trailers
Yakima RackandRoll TrailersYakima RackandRoll TrailersYakima RackandRoll TrailersYakima RackandRoll TrailersYakima RackandRoll Trailers

Yakima RackandRoll Trailers

Item Number: Yakima Rack and Roll
Simply the most beautiful and smooth rolling towing trailer available! The Yakima Rack and Roll is ideal for attaching kayak racks, canoe racks, cargo boxes, bike racks & more! Load & unload your gear at a convenient level compared to roof racks & truck racks. Yakima 8106 RackandRoll kayak trailer / canoe trailer includes a pair of Yakima 66" or 78" length crossbars.
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The Yakima RackandRoll Trailers are a premium quality, high performance and super stylish alternative to carrying gear on your vehicle's roof top. Simply the most beautiful and smooth rolling towing trailer available! It doesn't matter what you're carrying — canoes, kayaks, bicycles, cargo boxes, etc — the Yakima RackandRoll towing trailer can carry it all. Attach any gear carrier you prefer - such as kayak carriers, canoe carriers, cargo box, bike carriers etc - and you'll enjoy the convenience of loading and unloading all your boats and gear at a much more convenient level instead of way up on your vehicle's roof rack or a pickup truck rack. The Yakima RackandRoll towing trailer allows you to safely and securely carry up to 250 lbs or a whopping 300 lbs if you upgrade to heavy duty shocks (not included). With a high weight capacity and long cross bars, you can carry multiple bicycles, canoes, cargo boxes, multiple kayaks or a combination of items all at ground level for the easiest loading and unloading possible (see 'ordering notes' below for a link to our handy crossbar reference chart outlining what you can carry on different length Yakima crossbars). The included carry handle, conveniently located next to the hitch connection, turns the trailer into a hand cart, so you can simply roll your canoes or kayaks to the water's edge instead of lugging them.

yakima RackandRoll 66 canoe trailer-kayak trailer

The Yakima RackandRoll Trailers are made of lightweight anodized 6063 aluminum with spiffy custom cast aluminum wheels. The included shock absorbers provide four inches of wheel travel to cushion your load on bumpy roads. The zinc plated steel tongue coupler quickly and easily attaches and locks to any standard 1-7/8” ball on a class I, class II, or class III hitch (which means it's compatible with virtually all hitches, you just need a standard 1-7/8" hitch ball). When not in use, the wheels and tongue can be removed in seconds and the frame can be stored upright or hung on the wall. After a long attempt to think of a cooler and higher performance way to carry gear, we have agreed that there simply is no cooler way. Forget about ever having to strain to load and unload canoes, kayaks, bikes or any other gear on a roof rack again!The included standard tongue allows proper clearance for a single 17 ft. boat or two 16 ft. boats. The optional tongue extension kit (see accessories) makes the standard tongue longer and will allow you to carry up to a single 22 ft. boat or two 21 ft. boats. Easy installation, simply follow the step by step included instructions. Everything is included with the Yakima RackandRoll Trailer. Conveniently ships in four separate boxes, no special shipping necessary!Fully DOT and Transport Canada approved. Registers just like a regular trailer. Included with your Yakima RackandRoll Trailer is a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin and a VIN number. Simply take those to your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and you will be issued a trailer license plate.The Yakima RackandRoll Trailers are available in two sizes - the 8008106 with 66" Crossbars and the 8008107 with 78" Crossbars
  • Integrated carrying handle turns the lightweight Yakima RackandRoll trailer into a hand cart.
  • Included shock absorbers provide four inches of wheel travel, cushioning your gear.
  • Can tow up to 250 lbs. or up to 300 lbs with optional heavy duty shock upgrade (see accessories).
  • The Yakima RackandRoll Trailers are available in two sizes - the 8008106 with 66" Crossbars and the 8008107 with 78" Crossbars.
  • Attach any gear carrier you prefer - such as kayak racks, canoe racks, cargo box, bike racks etc - and you'll enjoy the convenience of loading and unloading all your boats and gear at a much more convenient level.
  • Locking levers with keys prevent theft of the trailer.
  • Wheels and tongue remove in seconds. Frame stores upright (or hangs) onto garage wall.
  • Works with any Class I, II & III hitches when a standard 1-7/8" sized hitch ball is attached to receiver hitch.
  • Standard flat 4 light connector to vehicle.
  • Easy-to-follow assembly / installation instructions included.
  • Optional accessories available: 8008115 KickStand, 8008109 Tongue Extension Kit, 8008114 Safety Pole, 8008121 Spare Wheel, 8008110 Heavy Duty Shocks, 8008111 CrossMember Extension Kit (see accessories).
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Product Reviews

Yakima RackandRoll Trailers
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Northern Michigan
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

You get what you pay for in life. Live today as if it's your last day as it just might be,,, Thank You Jesus
May 21, 2016
22May2016 Northern Michigan I bought this trailer n 2 2016 PA 14s n 4k in accessories n rigging up my new adventure rig. My Jetcraft boat n trailer had been my only other boat trailer in my life. An going by that level of excellence I'd have say this trailer is exclusively made for kayak n Hobie PA 14. Like the above gentleman stated its beautiful trailer n I'd even go as far as saying for any kayak design. The tongue extension is awesome as well as rolling it around with 2 PA 14s by myself n I have 300k in my spine. It should do very well if maintained properly n care putting it up during winter. The wheels come off, the trailer frame has built in roller wheels in rear frame. Allowing you to park it inside thru your wifes french doors, lol. If not, its awesome to postion regardless. Has led lights n just a damn nice rig. Get the full width if you have Hobies PA 14s n the respective cradle mold with padding. I never saw this beforehand n laughed when the dealer said your trailers right here. As I honestly thought he was joking, as its quite different than what I had expected to encounter. But worth the bucks n the 6hr drive round trip to pick them up. A person could easily toll this loaded with any vehicle even a car if done correctly. Hope this helped someone out there. I don't know how it'll hold up to 2 fully rigged PAs but we'll find out soon.lol As there's limits with everything in life, n this may be one itself perhaps? I imagine both mine rigs will be 250lbs each n do go with the optional hduty shocks. This trailer should handle very well n pull like a dream. I tested it at 95mph for awhile, with no issues. Wyomingjet
Nice rig
Cost a few coins more,,,

New Jersey
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A beautiful, beautiful thing!
October 28, 2015
This is a beautiful, beautiful trailer! It's beautiful to use, beautiful to look at, and beautiful to store. It has transformed my kayaking experience. First off - ORS was a great place to buy from. Their online review and video had really useful info (Yakima's own information, in contrast, is almost non-existent). The purchase and delivery was smooth, fast and issue-free. The price was competitive also. Make sure you buy the stand accessory - it has been indispensable. ORS included the necessary paperwork for registering the trailer at your local DMV/MVC. The trailer includes wiring for lights using a 4-pin connector. Second - it was actually moderately simple to assemble. The instructions it came with were clear. Note it came with a 2" socket (some older reviews talk about it coming with a 1 7/8" socket). You will need a torque wrench to assemble it and put the appropriate amount of tightening on the nuts. Make sure you do the initial assembly on cardboard or other soft surface. I did it on my concrete garage floor and got some minor scratches on the mudguards. Third - using it has been a dream! I load up my 2, heavy, sit-on-top kayaks at the beginning of the summer. Any time I want to go kayaking I just hitch and go. I am lousy at reversing a trailer so I park near the boat ramp, unhitch, and walk my kayaks, on the trailer, to the waterside. I offload with the minimum amount of kayak-carrying (this is where that stand is essential). Then I walk the trailer back to my car. Taking out is the same in reverse. When I get home I leave the kayaks on the trailer in my garage ready for the next time. The large, motorcycle wheels and shock-absorbers make towing it very smooth, even on NJ's rutted highways. They also help when walking it over uneven lake shores. Fourth - it is a beauty to behold. It has been bizarre how many people have stopped by us at boat ramps to compliment the trailer. It does look really good! Fifth - it's a beauty to store. It is very easily separated into chassis, wheels, and spar. The combination fits neatly against the wall in my garage - no unsightly trailer storage in the yard!
ease of use, very good quality, large wheels, shock absorbers, balanced weight, good-looking, easy to store, breaks down to store, self-standing,
price - until you see the quality of the trailer and how much easier it is to use than a roof rack.

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