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ORS Crew says - Does your car have a rear hatch door? Need to know if the Yakima SkyBox 12 box fits your car without the rear hatch door opening and touching the back of the box? Check out this handy reference with the information for how to figure out if the Sky Box 12 fits your car without impacting the rear door...
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ORS Crew says - The Yakima SkyBox and SkyBox Pro series cargo boxes have a very long range of adjustment to fit nearly any distance between the front roof rack crossbar and the rear roof rack cross bar (referred to as crossbar spread). In fact they'll fit any crossbars with a spread as short as 24 inches and as long as 42 inches.

ORS Racks Direct Crew says - Yakima has designed the Sky Box and Sky Box Pro series boxes with an angled undercut in the rear tail of the box. This allows the rear back door or hatch on cars to open up fully. A very nice touch.

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